Better Than The Apple Watch? | Sony SmartWatch 3 Unboxing


  1. This S*t is ugly and it has Android

  2. So can I get this and not get a phone, and still access it’s features? 

  3. Awesome unboxing Matt! Also noticed, no shaking of the camera! Keep on

  4. Pebbles better.

  5. That’s a USB cable, how on Earth are you going to charge it if you don’t
    have your PC turned on?

  6. Feels so weird for Matthias to do tech videos.

  7. Awesome video!…looking forward to the huawei watch, lg urbane and moto
    360 2nd gen.

  8. I enjoyed your unboxing of this watch and the great overall quality of this
    video and your other videos. Will you be doing another video on the actual
    features of it and the interface and such?

  9. I currently have a Pebble smartwatch and I wear it to school, and I’ve
    gotta say, besides being super cool and useful, its a great conversation
    starter. I am waiting for the LG G Watch Urbane, the Moto 360 2, and the
    Pebble Time. All three look like they could finally make Android Wear a bit
    more usable. 

  10. I would disagree with you when you said that the SSM3 is the only
    competitor for the Apple Watch, but you’re right, in a sense. No other
    smartwatch has built-in GPS or WIFI, but the lack of a circular screen is
    the deal breaker for me here.

  11. Honestly, I’d rather have the Moto 360. What’s surprising is that the Sony
    Smartwatch has the same CPU as my Moto G 2014, which is not a slow phone.
    The phone has more ram, and it’s actually cheaper than the watch. It costs
    only $179 unlocked! Such a great deal! 

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