Huawei Watch First Look


  1. Really like it, but the notched strap is a deal-breaker. It really
    restricts choice of aftermarket straps and the OEM ones are pretty
    horrendous for watch straps. The lug width is also way too narrow for the
    big diameter of the watch, making it look (to me) clunkier and awkward.
    Really a shame as its the only smartwatch announced right now which has
    sapphire crystal, surgical steel case and "proper" watch aesthetics, if
    only the LG watch had sapphire crystal as well… 

  2. this is the first smart watch that i would actually love to wear.. it
    really looks gorgeous

  3. Huawei Watch First Look:

  4. Huawei Watch First Look:

    Good job huawei 

  5. Huawei Watch First Look:

    This looks better than the motor 360

  6. Huawei is just killing it they had one of the best budget phones Honor 6
    and now this Watch.

  7. Huawei is a BOSS!

  8. Jacopo Carboncini

    This is really sexy, hauwai is really becoming one of the more interesting
    companies out there, thumbs up for them!!! 

  9. this is like the 1st good looking wearable lol, the moto 360 comes 2nd for
    me. no judgement on the Apple watch until i get it in my hands.

  10. Should I got for this or the LG Watch Urbane when that is released. 

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