Moto G 2nd Gen [XT1068] Dual SIM : Android 5.0.2 Lollipop


  1. Hello My Friend Look I also have a Motorola Moto G Xt1068 Dual Sim And
    Still No Arrives Lollipop And I’m De Colombia I Could Say When I Arrive

  2. We cant put phone in silent mode .. Lollipop software didn’t have that
    specification.. Pls help me guys..

  3. Wasted the 4.14 valuable minuts of my life >:O , worst video … First of
    all u work on Lollipop then make a review , its not like doing both at same
    >:O …. worst review …

  4. I could not update my XT1068 what I do?

  5. my moto g 2gen is 4.4.4 when i check for updates it says your device is up
    to date

  6. damn that was irritating !

  7. When android 5.0 on this phone in poland?

  8. Everyone is talking about downloading this software through third party
    links, when is the real stuff coming out? Like an actual update that will
    notify me on the phone.

  9. could u provide the link to download section ?

  10. sir how you upgrade to android L
    may i have link plz sir

  11. Why my xt1068 doesnt have any uptade notification?the uptade havent came in

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