The Phones Show 247 (Smartwatches, Frankie II, Lollipop 5.1)


  1. The Withings Activité Pop might be a nice one…I just still not see any
    sense in them.
    The Withings watch can be used for workout and swimming, that might start
    to make sense then – and they run 6-8 months.

  2. TheWindowsphonelive

    I’ll take the Samsung Gear S. I don’t need to take a phone with me when I
    go out. Plenty of apps out right now to do most things I need to do while
    out and about. Screen is small when watching videos but you can do it.
    There are three things that bother me about the S – the attention it brings
    on the wearer (it really can be annoying), the battery life and no camera.
    I really miss the camera that I had on the Gear II.

  3. I could be proven very wrong but as it is now and even the next few years,
    smart watches will remain as a toy. The main pitfalls, as mentioned by
    Steve, are battery life and interaction. If you are a watch wearer like me,
    battery life of day or days won’t cut it. Even Pebble lasts only a week or
    so currently. Imagine you rely on your watch as alarm and it dies on you
    before the alarm goes off.

    Next, interaction. Touch screen is too fiddly on such a small screen. To
    stop and wipe and read on a tiny screen, I might as well take out my phone.
    Remember when 3.5" screen was deemed to small?

    Some niche usage cases may seem useful to have a smart watch. But as a
    general use case, smart watch will not cut it for me. At least, not in its
    current guise.

  4. Excuse me, but why’s the right side of your neck constantly changing
    colour? Is that a video glitch?

  5. Steve Litchfield

    Phones Show 247 is now live at and
    via MP4/RSS/MP3/iTunes… 😎

    Mum’s funeral on Tuesday, but hoping to get on the One M9 review the day
    after – ish!!

  6. exiledinstabcity

    Smart watches won’t be a thing the way smart phones are. It’ll end an
    expensive mess for apple for starters. They’re just not as convenient.

    There’ll be something to replace phones along in time.

  7. The only use case I can see are the activity features. The pedometer on
    the iPhone doesn’t register steps very well unless you go into ‘walking
    mode’. A few steps here and there puttering around the house will go
    unnoticed and I’m not always carrying it.

  8. I got a second hand pebble watch on ebay for £50 and I really thought it
    would just be my normal ‘ill try, then sell it on’ but I absolutely love
    it, its become second nature to me to the point that if I hear my phone I
    go to my wrist even if Im not wearing it!

  9. you know, when you are active, you can always stand still and get your
    phone… how many female smartphone users bump into people on the street
    because they focus on their phone and not the street

    there is no real use for a watch since you can use your smartphone.. well
    except sporting features but you already have better watches for that

  10. Ooooh. I was concerned that this was going to be more slanted towards those
    that just don’t wear watches.

    How wrong was I?

    I always wear a watch. Couldn’t possibly go out without one. Then came
    along Android Wear so I was, as a tech geek, smitten.

    Many will not find a viable reason or use case for Android Wear as it does
    not fit into their daily life as they never wear a watch.

    I do. And getting my wrist device to tell more than the time is fantastic.

    I own both a Pebble and a G Watch…. Don’t ask me to choose…. It’s a
    secret of which I prefer. 

  11. Steve Litchfield

    A new show! In Phones Show 248, I’ll have a review of the HTC One M9….8-)

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