ZGPAX S8 Standalone Smart Watch Phone – Detailed Review

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  1. SmartWatch Ticks

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: I finally got serious about this ZGPAX S8 smartwatch and
    set up a dedicated SIM card with a separate phone number with unlimited
    calls and text and shared data under my overall at&t 10GB plan. I thought
    all was great EXCEPT, as I found out, this watch (and all like them from
    China) do not work on the at&t 3G network. The frequencies are different.
    So it connects via the 2G (or EDGE) network with horrible data rates. I’m
    getting 0.17MBps download and 0.06MBps upload.

    SO: I can’t recommend this as a standalone watch for data, but it works
    great for calls and texts. If you want good data — and the watch is
    awesome with a decent data connection — you either need to use it in a
    WiFi zone (home, office, coffee shop, etc.), or you need to set up your
    phone as a WiFi Hotspot and tether/connect your watch to your phone. With
    the at&t value plan, tethering is included for free, so that last option is
    possible, it will just drain your phone’s battery a bit faster (no change
    for the watch if you would have had it linked via WiFi home/office anyway).
    For your own evaluation of ANY smart watch or smart phone (same issue with
    the China phones, as well!) together with ANY global carrier for
    compatibility, see this link: http://maps.mobileworldlive.com/

  2. You’ve made a small mistake in your Video. You selected the developer
    options instead of printing, but i think the printing option is the same as
    in any other Android Kitkat based devices.

  3. I am thinking of buying one of these. Can you tell me how waterproof this
    item is?. I think all watches should be able to cope with some rain,
    splashes from the kitchen sink etc. How long does it take to charge, and
    how long does a charge last? Thanks heaps

  4. Hi
    I will like to know if is it possible to add lang that are not in the build

  5. Is it the same as the s29

  6. This watch still working for you? The 3G Bars in my Omate Truesmart dies
    eventually. :(

  7. can you let the screen always on?

  8. Sangeeth Varghese

    Have you tested the Hi Peel Hi8 Smart Watch? Your review on this watch
    would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

  9. Sangeeth Varghese

    does the watch wake up automatically when u lift up yr hand to check the
    time? Thanks.

  10. Sangeeth Varghese

    Just the watch wake up automatically when u lift up yr hand to check the
    time? Thanks.

  11. SmartWatch Ticks

    This is worth watching if you’re thinking of upgrading your memory card. It
    is possible, but highly technical and requires a hard reset of your watch.
    Check it out:


  12. Hello.
    I ordered a S8 in December 2014 on Amazon on reseller site.
    The watch is fine, I even have the Google services working perfectly !
    However, the sensibility of signal reception is awful !
    No idea if it has to do with Antennas (I don’t even know if there are
    antennas on these watches…)
    But here are the problems:
    I get a wifi signal 3-5 m from my box. I lose signal after.
    To identify a BLE beacon I need to be 50 cms from it.
    And GPS reception is very weak, I get most of the time 5-600 m accuracy.

    I tested with regular smartphones or other phone watches beside, none of
    them had the same problems.
    As we are interested by this watch for a health project we are developing,
    could you tell me your wifi and BLE reception distance is similar to what
    we observe or if it is closer from what you observe with a smartphone or
    other watches?
    I wonder if it is just the watch we received that has a default or if we
    should forget this watch for our project because it is the watch conception
    that creates these poor signal reception.
    Thank you for your help.

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